EU project Sessions and Workshops

Topical Sessions

TS 9
Title: Sustainable Energy for Data Centres
Organised by: RenewIT – (, GENiC project (, DOLFIN project. (

TS 10
Title: High indoor environmental quality and energy efficient ventilation in renovated school buildings: winning concepts and examples
Organised by: EE Renew School (


WS 2
Title: NZEB design and construction: skill gaps and interdisciplinary training of professionals 
Organised by: EU H2020 PROF/TRAC ( )

WS 16
Title: How to make cheaper GSHPs in Europe/How to diffuse GSHP in Europe 
Organised by: EU H2020 Cheap-GSHPs 8 (

WS 25
Title: Total Concept method for major reduction of energy use in non- residential buildings
Organised by: EU H2020 Total Concept (

WS 27
Title: How to achieve deep retrofit of school buildings in Europe (RENEW school)?
Organised by: EU IEE Renew-School (


Armin Knotzer, AEE Intec: RENEW school and Austrian deeply renovated schools

Jørgen Rose, Danish Building Research Institute: Examples of deep-renovation in school buildings

Pawel Wargocki, DTU Byg: Do new and renovated European schools and kindergartens secure high indoor environmental quality?

Christian Anker Hviid, DTU Byg: Robust façade designs

WS 28
Title: Cost-effective deep renovation of buildings
Organised by: EU H2020 MORE-CONNECT (, EU H2020 EE REFURB ( and IEA EBC Annex 56 (