Skagen – the top of Denmark

Skagen is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Denmark, visited by more than two million people each year. Situated on the very top of the European continent the area is known as the place where the two seas meet, and it is mainly famous for its scenic landscapes, its exceptional museums and its unique, cosy town atmosphere. Regardless of season, Skagen is a must-see in Denmark, and you will find something for every taste here. So whether you love nature and long hikes, shopping and amazing food or culture and fine arts, Skagen is the perfect place to visit.

If you are driving from Aalborg, it only takes an hour and fifteen minutes by car to reach Skagen, and the town is also accessible via public transport (approximately two hours).

Lønstrup – the perfect combination of nature, art and culture

Lønstrup is an artistic pearl situated at the lovely west coast of North Denmark and surrounded by the North Sea’s beautiful nature. In Lønstrup you will find exciting cafés and restaurants, and a beautiful nature that makes the town a perfect place to spend a day. Many artists are attracted by the area, which is clear when you take a stroll through the town. Strandvejen (road) in Lønstrup is packed with glass blowers, potters, jewel makers and galleries, and you are more than welcome to enter these small, creative universes.

Lønstrup is situated approximately an hour away from Aalborg by car.


Since the invention of the classic plastic LEGO block in 1949, the Danish toy and its success has spread across the world. LEGOLAND is one of Denmark’s most popular attractions among both locals and tourists. This theme park welcomes you with action and excitement for all ages, and it includes more than 50 great rides and numerous events throughout the season. In LEGOLAND, you can experience the whole world in miniature, including famous buildings, capitals, small cities and exciting places built out of more than 20 million LEGO bricks, or you can enjoy some of the exciting, action-packed rides in the several themed areas of the park.


LEGOLAND is situated in Billund, right next to the airport, and it takes approximately two hours to reach by car, when leaving from Aalborg.

Rold Skov and Rebild Bakker

Rold Skov and Reblid Bakker constitute some of the most fascinating and beautiful natural areas in Denmark. Each of the different seasons shape and affect the areas differently, meaning that Rold Skov and Rebild Bakker are beautiful and unique all year round. The forest of Rold Skov is not only Denmark’s largest forest, it is also an enchanting forest with remarkable natural phenomena and places of interest, from the famous Troldeskov (Troll Forest) with its gnarled "troll" trees, to the most copious freshwater springs in Northern Europe. Rebild Bakker (or the Rebild Nationalpark) is a part of Himmerland consisting of beautiful hills covered with heather and tortuous trails leading you though the scenic landscape.

The amazing areas of Rold Skov and Rebild Bakker are situated just half an hour away from Aalborg by car.




The city of Aalborg is the capital of North Denmark. Through the ages, Aalborg has developed from being a small Viking town, to a commercial centre, to a key industrial city, to being the centre of knowledge, culture and art it is today. Whether you like art, architecture, culture, gastronomy, history, shopping or something completely different, Aalborg has something for every taste.

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