Congress programme

See full programme here.

(for information on Topical Sessision and Workshops, please follow the links provided below)

Please note:
- Long oral presentations: 10 min duration
- Short oral presentation with poster: 3 min duration

See a simplified overview of the programme here (no author and paper assignments) or this table overview with timetable.

See proceedings here (still under some development)

Registration at the venue: Please note that we will have registration both on Sunday May 22 at 14:00-19:00 and throughout the congress starting Monday May 23 at 8:00.

Keynote sessions with eminent international recognized speakers from industry, international organisations, science and the HVAC community.

Scientific sessions with presentations on recent research findings. We have received almost 600 contributions from more than 60 countries worldwide.

REHVA Workshops on concurrent and future challenges focusing on international possibilities for solving them.

IEA Topical sessions and workshops with presentations of research achievements from on-going IEA projects.

EU Project Topical sessions and workshops with presentations of research achievements from on-going EU projects.

Industrial sessions and workshops with short technical communication from industry on practical applications.

An exhibition for sponsors and industry in conjunction with the congress.

Technical Tours to sustainable buildings located in the area with examples of new innovative HVAC technical systems and solutions.

Training courses with leading experts from REHVA and ASHRAE before the congress.

Social Programme to experience Aalborg and neighbourhoods.